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"Now I not only feel like a competent therapist, but a highly trained and experienced professional."

Denise Rogers, Advanced Diploma graduate

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Almost a fifth of young Brits took mystery drugs in 2013

Some 16.5 per cent of Brits in their teens and early 20s decided to take a mysterious white powder last year, without knowing what it was, a new survey reveals.

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BGT bosses looking to reduce stress levels for 79-year-old favourite

Bosses of ITV1 show 'Britain's Got Talent' say they will implement special measures to reduce stress levels for an elderly contestant.

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Over half of teachers say their job harms their mental health

Some 55 per cent of teachers think their job is having a negative impact on their mental health, a new survey reveals.

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Self-compassion key to a longer life

People who go easier on themselves and have self-compassion are more likely to live for longer compared with those who don't, a new study claims.

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A third of ambulance staff take time off for stress

It is common knowledge that being a paramedic is a full-on occupation, but it could come as a shock to some that a third of ambulance staff take time off as a result of high stress levels.

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Miley Cyrus claims fans helped her through depression battle

Miley Cyrus has said that thinking of her fans helped her to get through her depression woes, according to

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