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"In the current economic climate I decided to take the advice of my friends and retrained in a recession."

Sandy Michaels, Chrysalis student

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Integrated Professional Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling Dip PC

In 15 years of offering counselling training, we know that potential counsellors and therapists can be confused by the wide variety of approaches to choose from. Our solution is to offer an integrated approach called psychotherapeutic counselling.

At Chrysalis, we take the best elements of well- known counselling and psychotherapy models and put them together in a unique, tried and tested approach, which concentrates on treating all the problems most commonly seen by professional counsellors and therapists - while developing your own self-knowledge and understanding.

The result - The Unique approach of a Chrysalis therapist will teach you…

You'll learn how to deal with the past, present and future; how to work with stress and anxiety; self- defeating behaviours; relationships; loss & bereavement; anger & frustration; personal growth, creativity and development.

We use our own unique model which uses different types of therapy when appropriate for different clients and issues. While we understand the need to listen and to respect and understand the client, Chrysalis® believes that people who come to therapists require concrete help and appropriate solutions. Our approach allows for therapists and counsellors to take an active role in assisting the client heal and reach their full potential.

butterflyThe Chrysalis Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling is our two year, entry price course which normally follows on from our Diploma in Hypnotherapy & Counselling Skills. It covers a wide range of counselling skills and is the first step on the professional counselling ladder, and carries a Quality Mark from the National Counselling Society The Advanced Diploma, our most popular course, allows you to work with the full range of counselling issues to become fully qualified as a professional counsellor as a route to registration on an AVR. The courses are also accredited by the Royal College of Nursing and approved by the Open University. Graduates are entitled to use the trademark Chrysalis Therapist®.

Direct Entry to the Integrated Diploma Year 2 is available at our discretion to professionally accredited hypnotherapists or students with counselling skills qualifications. Please indicate on your Application Form to be considered for this.

Accredited by the National Counselling Society    Open University    Approved by the MOD in support of the ELC Scheme

Course Length Two Years in Total
Hours 300 Practical Hours in total
Accreditation Quality mark of the National Counselling Society leading to MNCS membership status upon completion.
Practical Classroom Work; Homework Assignments; Working With Clients (Case Studies); Focus on practical work - no final exam.
Year One: Ten Modules of practical hypnotherapy and psychotherapy work as per Chrysalis® Hypnotherapy & Counselling Skills Diploma leading to supplementary qualification.
Year Two: Further Ten Modules of Counselling & Psychotherapy while seeing clients under supervision.


  1. Principles 1: The Here & Now
    Principles and practical approaches to how we see ourselves now.

  2. Principles 2: The Past & Its Power
    Principles and practical approaches to the role of our past in shaping our present.

  3. Principles 3: The Future
    Principles and practical approaches to moving into the future.

  4. Practice 1: How To Work With Stress & Anxiety
    Coping with stress, anxiety and mild depressive issues.

  5. Practice 2: How to Work with Self-Defeating Behaviours
    Exploring all those behaviours which hold us back.

  6. Practice 3: How to Work with Relationships
    Relationship counselling & sexual issues. Case Study Guidelines.

  7. Practice 4: How to Work with Loss & Bereavement
    Grief, loss and bereavement whether of spouse, parent, other family member or friend.

  8. Practice 5: How to Work with Anger & Frustration
    Anger management, frustration and other emotional turmoil.

  9. Practice 6: Personal Growth, Creativity & Development
    Goals, values, achievement, realising dreams and success.

  10. Conclusion: Growing Yourself & Becoming a Therapist
    Preparing for Practice.

All awards of individual memberships by professional registers are at the discretion
of those registers.