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"In the current economic climate I decided to take the advice of my friends and retrained in a recession."

Sandy Michaels, Chrysalis student

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Integrated Advanced Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling Ad.Dip.PC


"Choosing the Advanced Diploma really deepened and extended my understanding of counselling and psychotherapy... it gave me the opportunity, as a newly qualified therapist, to take everything to the next step and to work under supervision with clients.  I really feel I've added something vital to my practice."

Craig Michaels, Advanced Diploma graduate

"The chance to work in such a deep way was in itself worth the additional commitment."

Kathy McDonnell, Advanced Diploma graduate

"Now I not only feel like a competent therapist, but a highly trained and experienced professional."

Denise Rogers, Advanced Diploma graduate

When to choose this course

  • You wish to be on a nationally recognised Accredited Voluntary Register
  • You wish to acquire a deeper understanding of counselling and therapy
  • You wish to have the opportunity to work with more serious issues
  • You wish to have the best training possible from Chrysalis®
  • You wish to add earning potential by holding an Advanced Qualification

The Chrysalis® Integrated Advanced Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling adds a further year to the standard Diploma Course, and is our most popular diploma course. It is fully accredited by the National Counselling Society offering a route onto a government approved Accredited Voluntary Register (AVR) through the National Counselling Society, with Accredited Members Status (MNCS Acc). Achieving this status is down the National Counselling Society’s discretion. The course is also accredited by the Royal College of Nursing.

Students on the Advanced Diploma extend their studies through a third year of practice, during which time they generally also work with clients professionally. They have the chance to deal with the more serious aspects of therapy, such as abuse and addiction. They add extra skills, experience and qualifications and emerge with extra confidence and abilities.

Advanced Diploma students benefit from our internal placement client vetting service where self-solicited clients are vetted by Chrysalis.

You may apply for the Advanced Diploma immediately and we generally recommend this. You would start with basic and move on to advanced work in one seamless and integrated course, seeing clients after year 1 and being qualified to practice as a counsellor after year 2.

Accredited by the National Counselling Society    accredited by the Royal College of Nurses    Open University    Approved by the MOD in support of the ELC Scheme


Advanced Professional Diploma (Ad Pro Dip PC)

If you have applied for the Advanced Diploma and are accepted, subject to a review of your work at the end of year 2 you are entitled instead to undertake the Advanced Professional Diploma, which requires a supervised placement. (You cannot apply
for the Advanced Professional Diploma straight away.)

The Advanced Professional Diploma requires
a supervised placement which may incur
additional costs.

Course Length Three Years Total
Hours 450 Practical Hours in total
Accreditation Fully accredited by the National Counselling Society offering a route onto a government approved Accredited Voluntary Register through the National Counselling Society, with Accredited Members Status (MNCS Acc).
Practical Classroom Work; Homework Assignments; Working With Clients (Case Studies); Focus on practical work - no final exam.
Years One & Two: As per Dip CP syllabus.
Year Three: Syllabus as below


  1. Advanced Principles 1: The Here & Now
    Advanced study on our present state

  2. Advanced Principles 2: The Past & Its Power
    Advanced study of the role of our past in shaping our present

  3. Advanced Principles 3: The Future
    Advanced principles and practical approaches to moving into the future

  4. Practice 1: Depression
    Building on our stress & anxiety work in year 2 to look at the deeper issue of depression

  5. Practice 2: Advanced Self-Defeating Behaviours & Self-Harm
    Building on year 2 and going further by looking at self-harming behaviours

  6. Practice 3: Advanced Relationships Counselling
    Building on year 2 - relationship counselling & sexual issues. Case Study Guidelines.

  7. Practice 4: Abuse
    Examining approaches towards sexual, emotional and physical abuse

  8. Practice 5: Addiction
    Approaches to alcohol, drug and other addictive behaviours

  9. Practice 6: Advanced Personal Growth, Creativity & Development
    Building on year 2 - Goals, values, achievement, realising dreams and success

  10. Conclusion: The Experienced & Professional Therapist
    Taking your practice forward on solid foundations

All awards of individual memberships by professional registers are at the discretion
of those registers.