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Chrysalis has a duty to ensure its students will be safe, competent and ethical to undertake our training. If you are actively addicted to drugs or alcohol; have an unspent criminal conviction or any history of criminal violence or sexual offences – we cannot accept your application.

If you have a past history of addiction to drugs or alcohol; any history of depression; any criminal history; have been subject to any complaints procedures related to this field; are recently seriously bereaved; have been diagnosed mentally ill; are pregnant or epileptic – we may be able to accept your application but you must indicate this in the declaration on the Application Form and enclose a covering letter which fully discloses your situation. (Pregnant and epileptic applicants may need medical permission due to the teaching of relaxation techniques).

Part 4 of the Disability Discrimination Act gives Chrysalis the right to exclude certain categories of applicant in the interests of public safety.

This form is signed with no obligation on either side to proceed with training