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"Of course, finding a respected and accredited course is the most important place to begin. Having embarked and almost completed my course with Chrysalis I feel well prepared and as competent as it is possible to feel."

Jackie Wood, Chrysalis graduate

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  • "I have overall enjoyed my courses with Chrysalis. The tutoring on the course was excellent giving both theory and practice in equal quantities. I managed to easily fit my course around my full time job. I think more advice and support is needed for securing placements. Overall an enjoyable experience. "

    Very Good

    By: Carol Harrison. Date: 16 Apr 2014

  • "Nearly half way through year one and thoroughly enjoying it. The tutor input is excellent and interesting essay topics..Signed up for 2 years, but now keen to do 3.."


    By: Nicky Adams. Date: 25 Mar 2013

  • "Great course, great students, great tutors. I loved the experience and five stars are not enough! I think anyone who wants to study Counselling and actually learn to use it needs to study with Chrysalis courses."


    By: Damien Hall. Date: 7 Aug 2012

  • "You get in what you put in with a Chrysalis course, I am in year two of the Advanced Diploma Course. Learning an integrative approach to counselling is fascinating, the emphasis upon both practice and theory is rewarding."


    By: Justin Slaughter. Date: 4 Jan 2012

  • "I am a year 1 student doing the hypnotherapy course, so far, very interesting and I am enjoying studying"

    Very Good

    By: Susan Jappe. Date: 23 Sep 2011

  • "My start date was November 2010 1st of the three year course, so it's still early days but, so far so good. I am really enjoying the work and I am finding the course very stimulating. The tutor is lovely, and the lessons well structured. I have one day a week at home, and I find this time is needed for home study. Looking forward to the next module."


    By: Carol Lax. Date: 15 Feb 2011

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