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“I found the course to be informative, exciting, challenging and life changing.  It was excellent value for money, my tutor was knowledgeable and kind and the admin team were always helpful with any query. The training has equipped me to become a professional and competent counsellor.”

Greg Radcliffe, Chrysalis Graduate

“Getting OFQUAL qualifications means for me these are properly recognised courses, not just privately awarded certificates. The QCF means I can use these qualifications in lots of ways.”

John Hardy, Chrysalis Student

“It’s much more cost effective to train with Chrysalis as their fees are significantly lower than enrolling on a University course.”

Les Pritchard, Chrysalis Graduate

“I wanted to join the National Hypnotherapy Society, as it’s the only hypnotherapy organisation with a register approved by the Professional Standards Authority.  I also want to train as a counsellor later on and I want my hypnotherapy training to count as part of that.”

Debbie Stewart, Chrysalis Student

“I can honestly say that my Chrysalis course was life-changing. I’ve worked through the obstacles holding me back, and feel I am being of real service to my clients.”

Julie Smith, Chrysalis Graduate

“I’m really glad I made the financial commitment to Chrysalis. With their help and advice in building a successful practice, I earned my course fees back in about a month. I am now running a successful therapy clinic.”

Jennifer Brignall, Chrysalis Graduate

“At Chrysalis, my tutor has shown me how the combination of both humour and humanity can be powerfully relevant in the making of an effective therapist and teacher.”

Keith Pollard, Chrysalis Graduate

“My redundancy set me free to pursue a career I am really passionate about and Chrysalis was my first choice.”

Ravinder Kaur, Chrysalis Graduate

“In the current economic climate I decided to take the advice of my friends and retrained in a recession”

Sandy Michaels, Chrysalis Student

“The Interviewer made me feel comfortable and relaxed. I left the interview feeling confident that Chrysalis is the right choice for me”

Amanda Woods, Chrysalis Student

"I have wanted to do hypnotherapy for many years but for one reason or another it was out of my reach i.e. funds, time, location etc. Chrysalis has enabled me to do the course I've always wanted at an affordable price, in my own time without taking time off work"

Michelle Stevens, Chrysalis Graduate

"Gaining my Advanced Diploma was invaluable experience for me. I can confidently say that this course has changed my life, paving the way to achieving my professional dream of becoming a psychotherapist. Thank you."

Bilyana Wharton, Chrysalis Graduate

"As a former health professional,I was accepted, last year,to do a Degree in Counselling before realising the impact of the cost of the enormous Fees attached! This lead to my search for related course providers, hence Chrysalis, offering such value. Amazed & wishing I had been introduced to Hypnotherapy earlier as now it completely consumes me."

Mary-Anne, Chrysalis Student

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